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Our customers and partners

Ty-Win is the universal connector between travel designers and retailers to boost sales of travel packages in France


Incoming agencies, travel agencies, tour operators, DMOs, Business social committees, coach operators, tourism service providers : Ty-Win brings together the entire tourisme chain


FIT, MICE, Groups : Whatever your target market, Ty-Win meets the needs of all customers wishing to travel in France


Travel offers can be automatically translated into 7 languages, for an easy access to new markets

Complete solution

From creating an offer to tracking orders, Ty-Win guarantees seamless features for every professional

100% Made in France

Solution developed and hosted in France. Our team will respond to you from Brittany (France), and all the packages made available on the platform are created by agencies based in France.


Ty-Win is a simple, easy-to-use SAS platform that makes everyday life easier for all its users

Easy to deploy

Ty-Win can be installed on any website, starting with your own

Attractive rates

Suitable for all budgets, the solution grows with your needs

Secure transactions

Our partner Mangopay ensures the security of all bank transactions that pass through our platform

Our commitments

  • Ty-Win promote local sales by facilitating the sale of complete holidays produced by local experts
  • Hoteliers, restaurateurs, guides and other professionals have full visibility on the packages in which they are featured by their authorised travel organisers
  • The commission system is transparent and respectful of everyone’s work
  • Our digital platform ensures that those who love turnkey holidays can book with professionals who are experts in their area
  • Our technology is 100% Made in France developed and hosted in Western France

Meet the team

Behind our technology is a team of professionals, all with backgrounds in tourism. Their recipe ? A skilful blend of tourism and technological expertise, at your service!

Jean-Vincent Petit